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Buck Angel's Sexing The Transman from Buck Angel on Vimeo.

Pioneering Filmmaker, Advocate and Inspirational Thought Leader, @BuckAngel will be speaking about his film #SexingTheTransman at The Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education on Sept. 4th.

Come hear this icon of change and acceptance walk yu through key parts of his documentary and help you:

Comprehend the fact that one’s genitals do not define your gender, nor who you are as a person.

Learn how to acknowledge, affirm, and deal with your own individual gender and sexuality, regardless of identity.

Have the ability to let go of social constructs in order to become more comfortable and self-accepting.



Buck Angel’s Sexing The Transman-This is a workshop of mine that will eventually become a film.I have been shooting this for a year and it never seems to stop. So many great people to interview.

If you are interested in learning more about my workshops or booking me please go here:


Buck Angel®
Pioneering Filmmaker, Educator, and Advocate

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